About Trova

We work in partnership with Valorum Care Group to provide fantastic homes for those requiring support with a mental health diagnosis, learning disabilities or addiction issues, or for people who have been living on the streets. We believe that everyone should feel safe and secure at home, and with our person-centred care and support we enable people to gain some great personal achievements.

Our staff teams are committed to providing great support to ensure a positive impact on everyone’s life. We work alongside our housing providers, community mental health team, social workers and other stakeholders to provide the right level of care and support for each person.

Our staff can access a wide range of training that is focused on achieving the right outcomes for each person, and in doing so we ensure staff are motivated to provide enabling support.


We currently operate in Dorset. Working in partnership with Valorum Care Group we can offer a variety of homes for people and tailor the property to their needs. These include shared living and bedsits.

As part of our business, we are able to offer outreach services to those in the community who require some day-to-day support.

Our staff have a wealth of experience working with mental health and homelessness services. Our case studies are testament to the work which we do, and we will continue to build on the service we provide and the relationship with our stakeholders and each person we work with.

Meet the team

Kath Hindle

The staffing team at Trova Support have a wealth of experience working with people with a mental health diagnosis or learning disabilities and Services Director, Kath Hindle has an 11-year background of working within the supported housing sector, covering mental health, learning disabilities, homelessness, sex workers, drug and alcohol addictions and much more. Kath has a level 5 diploma in leadership for Health and Social Care, as well as Children and Young People’s Services – Adults Management, and an NVQ level 2 and 3 in Health and Social Care.

Having worked with her previous company for ten years, Kath has built up a successful reputation with Bournemouth Borough Council, achieved outstanding Quaff results and was paramount in setting up homeless hostels in Bournemouth. Kath has also developed accommodation for people with care packages that didn’t need residential homes, just care and support.

To raise awareness for the homeless plight, Kath set up a fundraiser for the charity PASHA which included food donations, in addition to a very successful shoebox appeal for four consecutive Christmases. This campaign saw shoeboxes given to people housed by Trova, and distributed to local food banks and charities.

Lindsay Edroff

Lindsay Edroff has been in the role of Deputy Manager at Trova Support Limited since December 2018. Prior to joining the company, she built up 12 years’ experience working with people with learning disabilities, as well as those living with addiction and mental health needs.

In her previous employment, Lindsay worked as a Support Worker, Senior, Manager and Area Manager. In these roles, Lindsay was able to expand her knowledge, including training in Petls, Detles and Ketles.

Lindsay has a background in counselling, including an Advanced Diploma in Humanistic and Therapeutic Counselling, as well as excellent communication skills. In addition, Lindsay has five NVQ Level 3s for Addiction, Communication in the Workplace, Health and Social Care, Mindfulness, as well as Diversity and Inclusion.


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